Friday, January 11, 2008

KDE4 FINAL Released (K Desktop Environment)

Have you heard the news? After quite a long wait, KDE 4, the latest version of the K Desktop Environment, has been released! This is definitely an exciting time for any Linux Desktop enthusiast, especially for those who have chosen KDE over Gnome for a Windows Manager.

Check out the screenshots of then new KDE4 desktop look and feel - it's fantastic! KDE-4 is very modern looking, and it supports full window transparency and much more.

Here's a screen shot demonstration that the KDE website posted to show off it's awesome new UI capabilities:

I expect KDE 4.0 to be a "work in progress" for a bit as all the applications catch up and use the new features available to them. It may well be KDE 4.1 final release or KDE 4.2 final release before we see a large number of applications show the same wonderful polish that a few early applications already sport. Here's another screenshot from the KDE 4 Application Examples page, showing off "Dolphin File Manager" application in particular:

And, just think, this softeware is Open Source Software and completely free! Look into Ubuntu (Kubuntu in particular) or OpenSUSE for some of the early Linux Distributions with KDE4.

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