Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Martin Marietta Space Shuttle External Tank Photo

Space Shuttle External Tank by Martin Marietta

Vintage Advertising / Promotional Photo Image

Not my usual software and programming post today, but still something from the science and technology field. I happened across an old advertising and promotional photograph of the Martin Marietta external fuel-tank for the Space Shuttle as I was cleaning out some old folders I had.  So, I scanned it for all to see / share if anyone wants such a digital image.

Space Shuttle External Tank by Martin Marietta company
Space Shuttle External Tank by Martin Marietta company
When I was considerably younger, a friend's father worked at Martin Marietta and sent this photo to me and I have had it ever since.  It amazes me that the Space Shuttle program (and this photo) are 30+ years old now and the United States does not really have a true shuttle "replacement" even with all the technological advancements since (materials, computing, design, etc).

Yes, there are some neat technologies coming along from places like SpaceX and others, but regardless it seems that the USA really lost its ability to keep pushing the space-mission envelope over the past couple decades for lack of focus, funding, and/or a combination of things.  I remember when I first received this space shuttle tank picture in the early 1980s -- and, at the time, I would have thought that by now (2013!) space-travel would have been nearly "routine" had we stuck with our pace of achievement.  Oh well, I doubt I will ever be going to space as I had once hoped.  And, I don't think Matt Damon's need to get to Elysium is going to be a scenario I face. lol

Well, enjoy the photo and here's hoping some neat new technological advancements get our space program back on track.

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