Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Google Dart Language Milestone Reached: M1

Dart Language :
Mature Enough to Invest In

Dart Language / SDK "M1" Version Released

If you have read any of my prior blog entries about Google's Dart language, you already know that I am a fan of this fantastic alternative to coding JavaScript (JS) for web-based applications. Dart can be compiled into JS code, and the gory details of writing large-scale JS-based applications are hidden behind the Dart-to-JavaScript compiler (Dart2JS) which enables you to focus on writing your applications in Dart's modern, clean, Object-Oriented, "typed" language implementation that also includes a rather decent base framework (with things like collections built in).

Check out the latest Dart Language information and get a copy of the free Dart Editor and Dart SDK and try things out for yourself.  There are quite a few emerging projects on GitHub and elsewhere now, and Dart's "pub" project package-repository has gone live too.  If you experience the same web-development productivity gains I have, you will thank yourself for checking Dart out!  I find myself incredibly more productive (feature-points implemented per hour of development time) using Dart to write applications  as compared to writing native JS code...  and, I see enormous savings multiple further as I need to add additional features and functionality to my code.  Dart is simply more maintainable, cleaner, etc.  You get the idea.  Check it out.

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