Friday, July 07, 2006

Good news for Celiac sufferers

I just came accross a news item that is worth checking out:
New Enzyme Efficiently Degrades Gluten In 'Human Stomach' Environment

Basically, the article talks about how, at least in a laboratory setting, scientists have developed an Enzyme that is effective at breaking down Gluten even in a highly acidic environment (read: your stomach perhaps). Neat! Now, if only they can perfect it and produce a pill (or food additive) for celiacs to process gluten as they eat, they will really have something. Looks like Clinical-Trials are coming soon, which could be good news, though I can not say I want to volunteer for that :)

There are also some really interesting gluten intolerance / celiac statistics cited in the article. One I found really wild was how, in Sweden, when gluten was introduced into the baby food supply, the incidence of Celiac disease went up five-fold in the country, and returned to normal levels after the gluten was removed. That critical period in early life where the immune response develops "immuno-memory" seems to play a large role in things.

One thing not mentioned, that I have heard from a few persons, is how (supposedly) consuming gluten during a period of taking Antibiotics can cause this same "immuno-memory" issue and lead to Celiac disease (though something like "leaky gut" syndrome). Anyone know of where there is any scientific study info on such a thing?

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