Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Dart Language: Rank / Popularity Increasing Daily

Dart Language Rankings Rise

Dart Language on GitHub: Climbing Quickly

As I work on getting the first "public" release of my Dart Language SVG UI-Components/Widgets set ready, I have been contemplating whether I will self-host or push the source-code to GitHub or such. And, one thing I have noticed over the past couple weeks is that nearly every day I look at the GitHub Top Languages page for Dart Language, its popularity is increasing.

As of this writing, GitHub shows: "Dart is the #70 most popular language on GitHub".
[UPDATE: as of the "M1" Dart release-date (October, 2012), Dart ranks as #55 most popular language on GitHub; not bad considering my long-time-favorite development language - Delphi - is currently #40 on that same list after many years in the market].

Although this ranking many not sound very impressive, Dart has moved upward in the ranks quickly since its initial public release.  And yes, I understand that this early rank-movement pace is partly due to the fact that the lesser-used languages are going to be easy to overtake. But, for a language that is in "alpha" stage along with "alpha" stage Editor and "developer" stage Dartium (browser), I see this early popularity increase as a good sign for Dart.

More JavaScript being ported to Dart Language

Another thing I have noticed recently is that in the daily Dart news (a la "Abridged summary of") and on GitHub, there are ever more announcements from fellow Dart enthusiasts that are creating ports of popular JavaScript libraries, wrappers, etc in Dart. I have not had the opportunity to check each one out in detail, but there are projects that target JSON stuff,, MySQL, and all sorts of other things.

Given my experience with many projects on GitHub, most (regardless of language) will never (statistically) survive to become mature projects, but I expect that with time, some of these Dart projects will become solid enough to use and/or build applications upon — just like some very popular JS code has emerged over time. Hopefully my own Dart/SVG components will prove to be useful enough to survive or become the foundation for something useful — though, I am not kidding myself into thinking what I am building will fit anyone's needs aside from my own. Time will tell I guess.

It will be interesting to see if Dart can keep up its programming language rank rise in the coming months and years. I sure hope so, as I detest JavaScript for any "real" applications I need to develop. Now, back to programming...

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