Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SVG onload event not firing : Firefox bug / feature with Shortcuts

FireFox not firing SVG onload event

(Windows) Shortcut handling to blame...

I do a fair amount of work with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images / files that contain embedded JavaScript for various event-driven interactive-SVG components. The onload() event, within SVG files, is something I regularly use too. Today I ran into a strange "feature" or "bug" that shows up in Firefox but not in the Google Chrome / Chromium browser — related to this onload event in an SVG document.

I use Chrome as my default browser, especially because I like the included Developer tools a lot, so most initial testing of my web-page HTML, SVG, and JScript code takes place in Chrome before I move onto testing in other browsers (like FireFox). I have been working on my custom SVG RAD Components (tis' what I currently call them), and because I use one particular .SVG file for the main "test rig", I kept a Windows Shortcut on my Windows 7 desktop for a quick reference to that .SVG file.  I just click the shortcut to launch my SVG "application" (in Chrome) or drag the shortcut into a Chrome tab, and that works just fine.  Ah, but not in FF!

FireFox apparently does not resolve shortcut properly if dragged into browser

Being a creature of habit, when I was ready to test my latest SVG file and Javascript code within Firefox (using version 7 currently), I dragged my Windows shortcut (to my SVG file) onto the FF browser and poof... it seemed to load the SVG file, but my onload() event code simply failed to run.  I would have sworn I did this exact same drag-to-load (my SVG) with prior versions of Firefox successfully, but either way, it is not working now.

So, I loaded the page again via drag-and-drop of my Windows-shortcut to my SVG file, but this time with Firebug running (debugger / developer tool).  I quickly see that an error is being generated whereby the event-code referenced in the onload() event was shown as "myOnloadFx is not defined" within the onSVGLoad() code in FireFox (evt=SVGLoad). Clearly something strange was going on here, as this code "works" and has worked in Firefox before.

I played around with the code inside the SVG file a bit, and moved the onload() code from the opening SVG tag's onload="myOnloadFx()" to an inline-script (using <script> tags) just before the SVG's closing tag... and, the problem persisted.  So, what the heck?  After wasting more time on this than I ever should have, I then decided to go to the directory in which the SVG file really existed (vs. using the Windows shortcut to open it), and I dragged the .SVG file onto the Firefox window where it opened fine and ran the onload() event code just as Chrome did.  So, the shortcut-dereferencing/resolution is apparently to blame.

FireFox : want your SVG Javascript onload to fire? Do not open the SVG by dragging a shortcut onto FF

Now I know.  Note: the code executed in my onload() event was in an external Javascript file that is "included" in the SVG by way of code like this: <script type="text/javascript" xlink:href="myExternalSVGcode.js"/>  

Firefox is not properly converting, storing, and subsequently referencing the proper file-locations for included-code like this, but is instead looking in the directory where the shortcut appears (in my case, the desktop).  I confirmed this to be the problem simply by moving a copy of the Javascript (referenced) file onto the desktop along with the Shortcut (.lnk) and voila!  It "fixed" the issue.  UNREAL. 

I have not tested other types of scenarios where this could be a problem, and it is unlikely most people will ever encounter this unless they do software development (and perhaps even just SVG/Javascript with included external javascript files).  But, just in case, I figured I would post my notes here for anyone else that may encounter this weird onload behavior in Firefox.

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