Monday, June 25, 2007

Huge Home Inventory does not stop New Building

I just read this article about how the Inventory of US homes for sale hit a 15-year high, with nearly 4.5 million homes on the market for sale. If this isn't disturbing enough, especially when put in the context of how this represents a nearly 9-month inventory of homes, consider how this biggest inventory overhang since 1992 seems to be occurring when the economy is supposedly rather good overall. And, the median home price has slid another couple percent - for 10th straight month of declines.

What I just don't get is why, if there is such a glut of homes on the market, is so much new building going on? Everywhere I turn here in Northeast Ohio, I see yet another new development to be filled with $250K+ homes (which, by the way put them above the current median nationwide price of $223K). The people filling these homes are moving from homes that they can not sell, thus further increasing an already ballooning inventory situation.

I guess people just are not happy with their "old" homes, and being typical US consumers, they feel the need to constantly move into larger and more luxurious accommodations. If that isn't it, someone please let me know what this trend (of massive continued development during massive existing-home inventories) is all about. Personally, I think it signals an impending crisis. Time will tell.


DED said...

Personally, I think it signals an impending crisis.

Unless those inventories drop, it sure will be.

Mike Eberhart said...

I have a few friends that also thing the same Ded -- seems a crisis is looming. Basically, the housing bubble was the Fed's bailout of the Stock Market Bubble (through ridiculously cheap and easy money policy). Makes me wonder how they'll bail this bubble out! I know - a huge "go green" initiative! (nice thought, but won't happen)