Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Google Dart, Polymer Dart, SVG Widgets Released

Google Dart, Polymer Dart, SVG Widgets Source Code Released

Source Code for my Polymer Version of SVG/Dart Widgets now on Github

Just a quick post to provide people with the link to the latest version of my open source Dart / SVG UI widgets that now use Polymer.dart. This latest version uses Polymer.dart primarily for interacting with the ShadowRoot DOM and for encapsulating most of the SVG structure within template files (SVG that was previously created in-code).  At a future date (once Polymer has stabilized more), I may extend it to make better use of additional Polymer templates features.

Works with Dart SDK 1.1.1 stable.  I will eventually update it to support newer Dart and Polymer releases (though, it should remain working unless Polymer changes something in a big way).

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