Thursday, February 22, 2007

Delphi for PHP (from Borland/Codegear)

I have been a longtime user of Borland's Delphi software development products. Borland has recently created a division called CodeGear, and that division is taking over all of the development tools. And, one of the newly announced software development tools from CodeGear is a product they have dubbed "Delphi for PHP".

With a moniker like that, I instantly had to give it some attention. Delphi (the original Object-Pascal version) is one of the most productive RAD (Rapid Application Development) IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) coupled with a VCL (Visual Component Library) that is second to none. It cranks out native Win32 executables, and I find myself highly productive using this tool.

So, when I hear of a product called "Delphi for PHP", I am both intrigued and a bit confused. Delphi has been synonymous with Object-Pascal, and to now throw PHP (an open source scripting language and/or Hypertext PreProcessor most commonly used for web development) into the mix was a bit odd in my opinion. But, if it brings the RAD IDE of Delphi to PHP development, this could be an awesome combination indeed, and the existing Delphi brand is certainly bound to get attention with more persons than just me.

The product is not officially out yet, though it should be within the next few months from what I can gather. CodeGear has even put some enticing video demonstrating using Delphi for PHP to create a simple application, and this looks very cool indeed!

This is a product worth keeping a watch on! If you view that video (about a minute and a half) I gave the link to above, and if you are currently familiar with Delphi's VCL, you will see that the code created looks very intuitive and VCL-like, but for PHP. I have only done a little bit of work with PHP (I do mainly ASP.Net for web stuff, though I even try to avoid that), and I have always "hand coded" it since I didn't have access to a great IDE for PHP development. In fact, it's that lack of an IDE that always keep me from jumping right into the PHP software development arena -- that is about to change!

I can quite honestly say that I will be an early adopter of this product. I don't care if it is a "version 1.o product" or whatever, so long as once I use a trial/demo of the application for a bit that it performs decent. It'll be a HUGE step up from hand-coding, and most importantly to me as an existing Delphi developer, I will nearly instantly be productive in the environment! That is a huge win!

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