Friday, January 12, 2007

Idiocracy - the movie. Hilarious or Scary?

If you want to get a good laugh, you need to check out the movie Idiocracy, starring Luke Wilson as Joe Bauer. I never heard of the film before seeing the movie from Blockbuster today, and I am glad we took the chance on it being worth watching.

This movie was an absolute laugh-fest for me and is a complete riot. Here's a summary of the plot quoted from the IMDM site:
Joe Bauer, an Army librarian, is judged to be absolutely average in every regard, has no relatives, has no future, so he's chosen to be one of the two test subjects in a top-secret hibernation program. He and hooker Rita were to awaken in one year, but things go wrong and they wake up instead in 2505. By this time, stupid people have out bred intelligent people; the world is (barely) run by morons--and Joe and Rita are the smartest people in America.
The movie takes quite a few jabs at the current media culture in the world, and the domination of the corporate-advertising "diet" we are all fed, and how these corporations basically run the government, and how ultimately this, coupled with the lack of any focus on education, will lead to a world filled with nothing but morons. I would sure like to think this could not happen, but there is always that small part of me that thinks if things were let to go too far, it certainly could be a possibility.

The main thing to keep in mind here is this movie is just outrageously hilarious, and should be worth the rental fee. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I know I got my week's worth of laughs packed into a couple hours!

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