Monday, December 03, 2007

NetBeans 6.0 IDE Release Today - Open-Source, Cross-Platform Java, C++, Ruby / Rails Development Tool

It is an exciting day for Java programmers, as the latest version a popular robust Cross-Platform Open-Source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called NetBeans has been released - via NetBeans 6.0 Final Download Link. Did I mention that it is FREE!

This programming environment runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X, and Solaris, and has features that support not just Java software development, but also C/C++, Ruby (including JRuby, Ruby on Rails) Development Tool. It is a very full-featured development platform with all sorts of advanced functionality like refactoring and code-completion and much more.

I'm personally looking forward to using it for it's NetBeans Java/Swing GUI Builder (formerly Project Matisse) functionality, which should help me build some robust Java GUI applications quickly. I also plan to work on my own NetBeans Plugin technology to further extend the platform and help others quickly develop better, more reusable, applications (regardless of language) by porting my Developer StemCells Studio features to the platform, which should enable updateable code-template features (template technology is nothing new in IDEs, but templates that are update-aware - i.e., persistent templates; templates that can be updated; modifiable code template; etc - are something missing from IDEs, and I already have developed the technology to fill in the missing pieces). I plan to open-source this effort too, for anyone interested.

Now, back to the new NetBeans 6.0, and how to get started with this wonderful product. You may want to go to the NetBeans Documentation, Training & Support page and check out the various tutorials and such. Or, maybe you just want to download NetBeans 6.0, install it, and play with it. Perhaps you will enjoy reading the NetBeans 6.0 Release Notes to find out what is new and improved, or what has changed since NetBeans 5.5.

Well, enough said - take a look at the product via those links. Programming and software development fun await! And, I'm now off to have some fun with NetBeans.

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