Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday Toys and Gifts Made in the USA

With all the Chinese-made toy and product recalls, due to lead and other safety hazards, you may be looking for some products for your children, relatives, or friends that are actually SAFE. Although there is no way to ever be 100% sure of product safety, I think one good way to increase your chances of getting a safe toy or gift is to purchase one that is actually made in the USA.

You probably already know this is easier said than done these days, as many products (especially toys, clothing, electronics, etc.) are rarely made in the United States. But, there are exceptions. After poking around looking for "safe gifts" for Christmas, I located the following US-made products that you may find as interesting as I found them to be:
  • Uncle Goose Toys - USA makers of the highest quality American Made Alphabet Blocks (from sustainable Michigan basswood). These get high marks and meet all U.S. and European safety standards, and feature child-safe inks.
  • Channel Craft - Authentic American Toys, Games & Puzzles maker. They carry a variety of classic games and the like, all made in the USA.
  • Maple Landmark Woodcraft - their toys include their NameTrains Wooden Railway system, a nice selection of high-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, toddler toys, trucks and trains, and many more US made toys. Check them out.
  • Now comes a personal favorite: Zome products. This company has a rather unique product line that includes USA-made building / construction kits and products that I think could be fun for both children and adults. They have Color-coded and shape-coded construction kits for building all sorts of unique things. And, their prices are quite reasonable, since they sell parts by the pound too! I would have loved having some of these when I was a kid, and would have built some awesome 3D geometric structures given enough parts to do so. They definitely appeal to my science, geometry, and architecture curiosity.
  • Vermont Teddy Bear - that says it all perhaps. This company offers the definitive high-end high-quality custom teddy bear. They are made in the U.S.A., but what I don't know is whether every single component they use in the production of the teddy bears is of US origin. You could perhaps search their website more or contact them to find out. Either way, it's probably a much safer bet than their Chinese counterparts.
Hope that helps you find some safe Christmas gifts this year. And, at the same time, you can help out the United States manufacturing industry and perhaps create some jobs here (or, at least keep some of the last remaining US manufacturing jobs here).


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