Monday, November 26, 2007

Blogging to Pay for an XBOX 360 with Google Adsense

I couldn't help wondering what the revenue potential of Google Adsense ads hosting really is - and I mean, earnings potential for me, not for Google (god knows Google is making boatloads of cash lately; you need look no further than their financial statements). So, the question is - can I (or anyone else) make enough "extra" income from people visiting my blogs and clicking on these Google Ads to pay for an Xbox 360 console within a year?

What has lead me to consider this? Well, speaking of Google Ads, perhaps you have seen the same context-sensitive ads here on Blogger that I have -- where ads come up with the ad-content being text like "Earn $3000 per month by blogging", and so forth. Yeah, right! I don't have a clue what clicking those ads leads to, or what whoever pays to place such ads online has as their own, real, method of making money is (once you were to follow the link), but I can rather certainly guarantee you that what you find isn't going to be the secret that will have you generating anything beyond a small fraction of that monthly figure just by writing blogs. I just don't think it is humanly possible.

From my experience, there just aren't many people clicking the ads, or finding the content within the ads useful and pertinent enough to click - at least not on a "micro scale" as is observable here on my blog. Certainly, for Google as a whole, there are a LOT of ads being clicked somewhere (and, paid for by advertisers of course - which is what Google relies on as their sole revenue generation model). That is the power of having many, many websites hosting their Google Adsense advertisements -- multiplying a small amount of revenue by millions and millions of web sites leads to spectacular daily income totals for Google. So, what does Adsense offer for personal money-making potential on the content I create by blogging regularly?

I have a decent feel for how many people view my blogs in a given day, and it is what I consider a fairly high number (across all my web properties, it is in the thousands of unique daily visitors). And, I have a rather substantial amount of content online - hundreds of blog entries, hundreds of web pages with access to free source code (for programmers), free recipes (for gluten-free people), and other useful content that draws readers in.

With all those readers, and all that content I have online, typical ad-revenue is a trickle - with most days producing much less than a dollar, especially on days where I have not written or posted any new content online. This makes the thought of blogging to pay for a new XBOX 360 nothing more than a dream, or at a best case, a dream that would take well over a year to fulfill. And, it would cost me so much more in time (creating useful content) than I could ever get in advertising dollar returns. So, if the XBOX is out of the question, $3,000/month is definitely NOT going to happen - what a surprise! (not!)

The good news for me is that I never started writing blog entries with the intention of making money from advertising (Google Ads or anything else). I started all my web content-creation as an expressive outlet for my thoughts, ideas, and advice / opinions rants. I don't see how anyone could, or would want to, try to create content just for the sake of generating ad revenue from click-throughs - the returns on time invested would be terrible!

By the way, can somebody explain to me how some of those Google Ads work where certain ads just go to pages full of more Google ads?! What is up with that? My first problem with it is how I consider it to be nothing more than a massive pile of Internet-Index-SPAM essentially, but even more so, what is the business model behind it? Do people and companies buy advertising for some keywords at like a penny-per-click with hopes that if someone clicks it and goes to their own advertising "meta sites", that the person will then continue clicking on those ads, which presumably have been filtered to include much higher per-click payback for the meta-site owner, thus resulting in a substantial net-profit? If not something like that, I just don't get it.

Well, bottom line is this: I have a long way to go to making enough from Google click-through Advertisements on my web sites before I can ever buy an XBOX 360 from the proceeds :( Oh well, given time, and much more content creation on my part, perhaps that will change... but, I'm certainly not kidding myself thinking I can blog my way to riches. lol. Instead, I will continue to blog because Ilike to, and if ever I create enough content to have millions of readers daily, that'd just be a nice bonus.

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