Thursday, November 02, 2006

Novell and Microsoft "partner" on Linux? Yep!

For those of you who do not know that the SUSE "brand" of Linux is owned by Novell, well now you do. And Novell of course is also most known for its nearly non-existent (by market share) NetWare operating-system product. Novell, who has always been in fierce competition with Microsoft, is now teaming up with MS to ensure cross-compatibility between SUSE Linux and Microsoft Windows.

In addition, the OpenOffice project (an open-source competitor to Microsoft Office) is also primarily maintained by Novell, as is Evolution (the open source alternative to MS Outlook). This latest "partnership" agreement has MS and Novell playing nice on the Office-Suite software front too, with the deal supposedly ensuring cross-compatibility between MS Office (including Microsoft Office 2007) and OpenOffice (via Open XML and OpenDocument formats).

It'll be interesting to see how this goes. If history serves as a guide, Microsoft will somehow come out with the better part of the deal and further solidify their dominance in the marketplace. But, who knows, perhaps this will help Linux finally become an acceptable alternative to Microsoft Windows.

Additionally, the two agree not to sue each over other software patents, which is great news in itself. Read the full article here.

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DED said...

Wired ran a fictional piece a year or so ago where Torvalds went to work at Microsoft. It was an interesting story, albeit disturbing.

But if Microsoft can make peace with Sun, anything's possible.