Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New e-ink cell-phone coming soon.

E-ink is a type of display that, if you are not aware of already, you will be in the future. It is awesome for the simple fact that it takes so little power to operate it, especially on devices where the information being displayed is not changing often - like cell-phones, and e-book-readers.

Motorola has a lovely example of using e-ink technology in a great way: a new strip-down cell phone that boasts operating times of 7.5hours of call-time on a single charge (and darn near two weeks while "on" in standby mode)! Wow! That makes my current phone seem like a piece of crap to say the least.

Check out this article on the new Motorola Cell-Phone with E-Ink technology. It is debuting in India, and is supposed to end up in the USA in the not too distant future (I sure hope!).

This caught my attention too:
Helping to keep the price low will be the unit’s embedded Linux OS, which won’t be burdened with playing back video and shooting digital images. Sources quote Motorola officials as saying they believe the F3, once it makes its way to the US, could sell for as little as $50 even without carrier subsidies.
Excellent! On all accounts. Use that open-source technology (Linux), and keep the phone basic and affordable. I just hope when it gets to the US market that Motorola does not feel compelled to embellish the thing with a camera, and such. The good news is that the E-Ink display does not really lend itself to pictures anyhow, since it is a low-refresh-rate black/white technology (and, thus no streaming video either FOR SURE). I am looking forward to this one!


DED said...

A cell phone that's just a phone? What a concept! ;) I too am tired of all these multifunctional devices that pretend to be cell phones. I'm no Luddite but I don't need to watch videos, listen to music, check email, text msg, or anything else that these guys have come up with. I just want a cell phone with a good network so that my wife can call home when she's stuck in traffic.

We use our cell phone to make long distance calls (from home). We have so many minutes to use, even though we've got the smallest plan, that it just makes sense to use these prepaid minutes rather than picking up the landline.

Mike Eberhart said...

Cell phone that is just a phone! Gotta love it!