Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Windows Vista versions and pricing announced

For any of you that are eagerly awaiting Microsoft's next generation operating system, and follow-on to Windows XP, Microsoft Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is out, and Microsoft just announced pricing for the myriad of versions:

All those versions to keep track of! And, I thought it was complicated explaining the difference between the "home" and "professional" (oh, and "media center") versions of Windows XP to people. Now I am going to have to study a textbook of features and differences to understand what all these versions offer people! Arghhh!

I think Microsoft is moving down the wrong direction with all these versions. Confusion is certain to set in, and they may well dilute the Vista brand in general. One of my businesses is a technology consulting and software firm, and I am already dreading all the calls from clients wanting me to explain what all these Vista differences are, and worse yet, figuring out whether their machines will be able to run the various versions, and so on.

This may well be a good time to look at Apple OS-X 10.5!
I need to do some playing around with the Vista Beta first I guess, but I personally see no compelling reason to upgrade from Windows XP at the moment. And, I am quite happy with Suse Linux 10.1 for many of my daily activities. I have a feeling others are going to be hard-pressed to upgrade as well.

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Mike Eberhart said...

Here is a link to the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, for anyone that wants to see how MS looks at upgrades from XP to Vista, etc.