Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gluten Free Blog - dedicated celiac blog created

Since I had so many topics going on this main blog of mine (everything from finance to technology to investing, to Celiac / Wheat-Free / Gluten-Free stuff) I created another blog where I will put (most) of the Gluten Free Blog items.

Here's a direct link to my new Gluten Free Blog for anyone looking for the most up to date news and discussion about topics of concern to the GF / Celiac Disease (Sprue) / Gluten Intolerant / and Wheat Allergic crowd.

I will try to place those gluten-free blog items I consider to be "crossover items" here in my primary blog, like when I discuss stock plays like Whole Foods because of their embrace of the whole Gluten Free foods thing in their stores. (I do like Whole Foods stock for a variety of reasons, GF foods just being one. They also have a great corporate culture and unique management compensation structure that should make for a company that is not abusing stock options and executive compensation - more to come on this).

I was reading recently how the gluten free market has grown from something like $200 million to $700 million just in the past 5 years, and it is expected to keep up something like a 25+% annual compound growth rate for quite a while as GF / celiac awareness rises. Thus, Celiac / GF discussions are bound to enter into both my financial / investing discussion as well as my gluten free blog articles.

Well, either way, I am still committed to my gluten free blog for celiacs; I have just tried to organize my various blog items in a way that make more sense for all my readers. Hope it works out best for everyone. Enjoy!

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