Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gluten Free Dessert Book Photography Complete

I have just reached what I see as a major milestone in the creation of my new Gluten Free and Wheat Free Gourmet Dessert Recipes title — the full color photography is finally complete. Perhaps that does not sound like much, but seeing how I am including a full-page color photo of each and every finished (baked) recipe in the book, as well as some "step pictures" to help the home recipe baker along, that is a lot of photos! Well over 100 in fact.

[UPDATE: even though the print edition books have all been sold now, my gluten-free desserts recipe book is still available in electronic format for Amazon Kindle, and the book website now has a free library of gluten-free recipes.]

The only persons that may not be celebrating this fact are those friends, neighbors, business associates, and family that have been our many "taste testers" for over the past year and a half during the creation of this book. Sorry, but the flow of fresh-baked goods is about to take a break while we finish editing, indexing, and getting this book to the printer.

These last three months (since purchasing the new Sony DSC-R1 digital camera used for the photo-shoots — a highly recommended camera by the way) —  has been super busy, since we had to bake, on average, at least one recipe per day for that entire 3-month period and take many photos of each to have plenty of angles and lighting to choose from. My god!... what a pile of food we produced in order to perform final recipe-validation and take pictures of each recipe! And, the amount of ingredients we went through was unbelievable (and, it is a good thing we purchased rice, tapioca, and other flours in 50-pound boxes!)

So, for all of you that keep asking: "when can we buy a copy of your gluten free cookbook?"... the time is near. We fully expect to have the first run of books out in time for the holidays 2006. Check the status on Gluten-Free-Desserts.com every so often, as I prepare the web site for taking orders.

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