Sunday, July 30, 2006

Gluten Free Desserts Recipe Book coming soon

My New Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes Book

For all of you that have been anxiously awaiting my new Gluten Free Recipe Book, your wait will soon be over. As you will see by the hyperlink just provided, I have launched a web site for my direct sales of the printed book, and I will soon be taking pre-orders for the Gluten Free Gourmet Desserts book.

[UPDATE: even though the print edition books have all been sold now, my book is still available in electronic format for Amazon Kindle, and the book website now has a free library of gluten-free recipes.]

This is an exciting time for me, and the book is the culmination of nearly two years of work developing and baking 100's of recipes in order to come up with a great combination of dessert recipes for the celiac and wheat-free population. All the recipes done now (about 110 for this book), and I have finished the full-color photography for about 85 of them. Once the photos are finalized, I just have final indexing and proofing before it goes to print. Currently I expect the first books to be available just before Christmas 2006 and ready to ship.

My wife and I were also just at the a Cake Baking contest here in the Cleveland, Ohio area today (the same Cake Baking contest we won last year with our Gluten-Free Carrot Cake, competing against all other gluten-filled competitors), and people still remembered the cake from last year and asked how soon they could get their copy of the book.  We managed to secure quite a few pending orders just from those that remember that wonderful cake from last year! And, of course, we enjoyed adding this nice list of people to our growing (unofficial) list of pre-orders.

Stay tuned... we will get this book out to the public soon!

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